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About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to raise lifesaving awareness of cardio-vascular conditions, including aortic aneurysms and other genetic heart conditions, as well as providing help for patient communities and support for scientific advancements.

Our Values

Our values reflect the following principles: accountability, inclusiveness, compassion, transparency and diversity

Our Goals

The Antoun Daou Foundation is a nonprofit organization, created in memory of Dr. Antoun Daou.

We aim to fight cardiovascular diseases, especially aortic aneurysms and other genetic heart conditions,
by focusing on the following 4 pillars:

Helping at-risk communities to better understand the diseases


Promoting the screening and early detection of genetic heart conditions


Providing patients with the support for diagnosis and treatments


Connecting researchers & helping in the progress of medical research


Antoun Daou Foundation is under the executive leadership of its President, in charge of the operational activities,
and its Board of Directors, who shapes and oversees the foundation's strategies, vision, and efforts

Firas Eladoumikdachi, MD, FACS

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Aline Daou, MD, MBA

President of the Foundation

Nonprofit Public Charity

Antoun Daou Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit 501(c)3 organization,
and is qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Contributions made to charitable organizations by individuals
and corporations are tax-deductible under U.S. Code section 170.

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