Dr. Antoun Daou

In memory and honor of a great leader, astrophysicist, solar space researcher,
mechatronics engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, strategic advisor, educator, philanthropist,
friend, son, brother, husband and father.

“You will look up and 

see the light” 

 – Antoun G. Daou, PhD

Dr. Antoun Daou

Astrophysics &
Solar Space Science

His passion for space science and astronomy as a way to understand the universe and unfold scientific mysteries, led him to Rice University.

Dr. Daou held a PhD in Physics and Astronomy and an MSc in Engineering.

As a research scientist, he primarily focused on the Sun, Sun-Earth and Sun-Star Connections, Space Weather, Stellar Eruptions, as well as the development of ground & space-based instruments, and space-terrestrial technology transfers.

Engineering, Robotics
& Artificial Intelligence

Fascinated by the world of technology, engineering and mathematics, he held B.E.M.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut.

Dr. Daou held multiple patents in Design Engineering and Mechatronics.

As an expert in artificial intelligence, his developments revolved around the advancements of science, human-machine interactions, surgical robotics and industrial automation.

Education, Philanthropy
& Public Outreach

His public outreach, education, social and fundraising efforts helped stem and lead nonprofits and educational networks at a global scale, leaving a positive imprint in many lives, especially the youth.

Dr. Antoun Daou received multiple prestigious academic and leadership awards from institutions around the world.

He was a valued professor and mentor to his students in schools & universities across the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Lebanon...

Business, Consulting & Entrepreneurship

His vast areas of expertise included aerospace, aviation and defense, technology, agribusiness and water management, energy, oil and gas, construction and real estate, banking and financial services, medical technology, diplomatic and international affairs, logistics, industry 4.0, design engineering, and artificial intelligence.

He was an Angel Investor in many successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

International Diplomacy
& Strategic Advisory

His broad professional experience in several fields, and his rich international network and connections, coupled with his adaptive leadership approach has made him a trusted advisor to C-suite executives of multinational corporations and government entities across the world.

He held key positions in high-impact negotiations in geopolitics and interfaith mediation activities.

Professional, Social Outreach
& Academic Affiliations

Dr. Antoun Daou’s affiliations included NASA, United Nations, ISS, Vatican, International Special Projects Unit, various governments in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, GHP, NSSTC, NSF, AAS, MMS, APJ, RHESSI, SHINE, International Planetarium Society, RSI, ePlanetarium, Lockheed Martin, KBR Wyle Labs, Texas Instruments, BioD Partners, Inc., Earth National, Pearl Advisers, Lebanese National Network, and many others ...

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